Monkey 47 Barrel Cut 50cl

Country Of Origin Deutschland
Weight Unit Amount 0.5 l
Alcohol Percentage 47 %
Limitierte Edition

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About Monkey 47

Monkey 47 is a German gin brand that produces high-quality spirits with unique flavors. The brand was founded in the Black Forest by Montgomery Collins, a British RAF wing commander who fell in love with the region and decided to stay after World War II.

The Monkey 47 Barrel Cut + GB 50cl

The Monkey 47 Barrel Cut + GB 50cl is a special edition gin made from handpicked ingredients found in the Black Forest. It is produced in small batches and aged in mulberry wood barrels for three months, giving it a distinct flavor profile.

Taste and Aroma

The gin has a complex taste that combines juniper berries, citrus notes, and floral aromas. It has a smooth finish with a slight sweetness that lingers on the palate. The gin also has a unique aroma that blends herbs, spices, and botanicals.

Fun Facts

One fun fact about Monkey 47 is that the name comes from the number of botanicals used in its recipe - 47. These include unusual ingredients like lingonberries, acacia flowers, and spruce tips, which give the gin its distinctive taste. Another interesting fact is that each bottle of Monkey 47 is numbered and signed by hand, making it a truly artisanal product.

Production Process

To produce Monkey 47 Barrel Cut + GB 50cl, the distillers start by macerating the botanicals in a neutral grain spirit for several days. They then distill the mixture using traditional copper stills before aging it in mulberry wood barrels. This process gives the gin its unique flavor and character.

Weitere Informationen
SKU L-51-992-00
Marke Monkey 47
Alkoholprozentsatz 47 %
Enthält Geschenkbox Ja
Geschmacksprofil Kräuter
Herkunftsland Deutschland
Inhalt 0.5 l
Kategorie Gin
EAN Barcode 4260218310247

Monkey 47 Monkey 47 Barrel Cut 50cl


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